An open letter to all women wanting true long-term love in their life...

Who else wants to know what makes a
man not only attracted to you, but what
makes a man love you, trust you, tell you
what he's really thinking
, and ultimately
commit to you?

From: Mirabelle Summers
Date: July 01, 2009

Dear Friend,

Have you ever been told that you are attractive, funny, or smart, but... You're not the kind of woman that he's looking for?

Perhaps you've dated a guy for a while and when it came to discussing 'the relationship' or 'commitment', things went downhill until it was over?

Or maybe you've slept with a guy that you really like, and now he's no longer interested in you? Or worse, he's now interested in other women?

There are a lot of scenarios that may have happened to you that lead you to coming to this webpage, but the overwhelming problem that you are facing is that:

Men are difficult to understand - And if you don't understand men, you probably think that all men are jerks. While this might make you feel better thinking this way, wouldn't it be better to discover the truth about men and what makes them tick so that soon you'll be in a great committed relationship with a fantastic guy?

I want you to know that you're not alone and you've come to the right place.

You're about to discover why some women are considered 'irresistible' by their partners, yet others are taken for granted and seen as (I'm sorry to say) 'available' and 'dependable'.


Success Story: Bridget S.
"I feel the daily emails have helped me become the true DIVA I am!"

bridget"Hi. I'm Bridget, a single, divorced mom of two boys and I can honestly say I had no idea of what the dating scene was like this new decade because I married my high school sweetheart.

Therefore after growing apart and remaining good friends I decided to take on the dating scene from that point I was called sheltered, needy, too nice, weak etc.

These adjectives came from girlfriends and guys that I dated. I stepped back and said wait a minute I need help! How can they say these things so started by googling how to deal in relationships, how to communicate, what men like in women. Mirabelle summers name came up and I signed up for daily email.

OMG! What a Blessing! I can honestly say I have 'Balls' now! Lol! My relationships and friendships are great. Men call me now instead of me calling them everyday! some days I answer the phone, somedays I don't. I feel the daily emails have helped me become the true DIVA I am.

I love being in control instead of allowing it to control me! That's what I have learned! Thanks so much!

- Bridget S.
Charlotte, NC

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Life is too short to wait before attracting Mr Right... Make the most with what you?ve got now!

The first trick to being authentically attractive right now is ditching the ?if only? thinking, and doing the best you can with yourself, with what you?ve got right now.

This means that if you?re out of shape, stop focusing on it. Don?t wait to feel and look good until you?ve transformed your body. Be willing to work with what you?ve got, and put the focus on enhancing what you like about yourself.

(Tip: I?m not saying give up your health and fitness goals ? hell, no! I?m saying, stop being down on yourself until you achieve them. Work with what you?ve got right now!)

?Flaws? in our appearance may trouble us, but they will not stop you from being attractive to a man. For example, if you want to lose weight, then lose it, but don?t let it stop you from being attractive ? because it won?t if you don?t let it.

There are plenty of overweight people in happy relationships. There are plenty of overweight women out there who are having a ball, flirting happily, and having great, loving relationships. There are heavy women out there right now getting married, having great sex, and being loved by wonderful men.

Concentrating on the areas that you like, and refusing to showcase the areas that you don?t like, will do you the world of wonders. For example, if you?ve got a killer d?colletage, wear scoop-necked tops and V-necked shirts ? while concealing your less-than-killer tummy with artfully chosen material.

Don?t focus on your bottom if you?re not quite happy with it ? play up your pretty face with tasteful, skillfully applied cosmetics, and headscarves and tops in flattering colors.

You can still work on the areas of yourself that you want to change. Just don?t focus exclusively and negatively on them.

This will make you feel better about yourself, while showcasing your best features ? and both of these things will make you more attractive to men.

There are a lot of very important secrets that I have to share with you to understanding and attracting your ideal man for a long term relationship, and in my Get-A-Guy Guide, I?ve covered them in detail in a fun, enlightening and what I hope will be life-changing read for you.

But first, you're probably wondering, who is this Mirabelle Summers person anyway?...

Who Is Mirabelle Summers?

  • Online author of ?2nd Chance? and ?Conversation Chemistry"
  • Relationship advice reaches 1000s of men and women EVERY DAY across the globe!
  • International research into dating cultures: Toronto, London, Christchurch...
  • Believes in taking the opposite sex off the pedestal and empowering oneself to get the right relationship ... not just any relationship


"Mirabelle Summers and the team at MeetYourSweet really have the right idea. The Get-A-Guy Guide is like a breath of fresh air to women everywhere who are tired of the same old excuses perpetrated by the same old dating advice out there. I can just imagine women all over the world leaving their frustrating dating lives in the dust and becoming empowered to let their beauty shine from within. Great men of the world, watch out...a new kind of fabulous woman is headed your way!"
(Emily McKay, X & Y Communications,

"A sassy smart woman's guide to modern men, seasoned with a dash of wit and a dose of candor!"
(Amy Waterman, author of How to Be Irresistible to Men, )

One really common mistake that women make that turns men off is?

?becoming way too ?heavy? on dates and opening up waaaay too much about the terrible situations that they?re surrounded by.

For instance, on dates, many women often spend half the time talking about what a jerk their ex-boyfriend was, or moaning about how much bad luck they?ve had lately, or gossiping negatively about their friends, or talking about their negative situation at work.

Other examples include women who constantly complain to their boyfriends or husbands about other people, and spend very little time actually speaking positively.

I?m not saying you can never have a moan about someone else, or that you should attempt to ?sugarcoat? a situation by pasting a smile over an aching heart ? but there is a time and a place (the first date is not it), and there is a balance that is important here, and that men are very tuned-in to.

Try thinking about it this way: if all that a guy knows of you is that half the time he talks to you (which might be half of a first date, or half of your relationship), you are complaining, then he defines you as ?a complainer.?

He doesn?t know how to put that aspect of your personality into perspective ? because his entire experience of you has been that you talk a lot about negative things. And that tells him that you?re the kind of woman who?s more interested in spending time and energy on complaining than you are in forging a real live connection with the real live person you?re talking to.

It doesn?t make a lot of sense, from a male perspective, to get involved with that kind of woman.

And something else ? it also makes you seem like ?high maintenance?.

One key you need to focus on is being your best self most of the time. Part of being your best self is making sure you are looking at the world through a balanced lens. There?s no need to be ?ridiculously positive?, but part of being successful with men and dating is putting your best foot forward, and knowing that when you?re happy, you?re sexy.

I have so much information to share with you in my Get-A-Guy Guide about what goes on inside a man?s mind, how he thinks, and how you can not only be irresistible to men, but be incredibly inspiring to all others around you.

I truly believe this course will change your life.

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Warning: Some of the things you learn from The Get-A-Guy Guide will be counter-intuitive?

Sometimes, the things that are best for you actually DO NOT feel 100% right at first.

For instance, a junk food addict might not feel right eating vegetables. But that doesn?t mean that vegetables are bad for them.

You cannot always trust your instincts. They?re the things that got you where you are today and I believe that you?ve come to this website to make some changes.

Just because your gut is telling you, ?This feels kinda weird?, doesn?t actually mean it is ?or even that ?weird? is ?bad?.

Maybe, you need to try doing what feels ?wrong? at first, in order to get the best results.

This is a scary thought for some people. And it?s one that you need to be prepared to deal with. Because sometimes, I?m going to ask you to do things that feel wrong - at first - for you.

They?ll feel unnatural, or downright weird.

And that?s OK. Because by the time you are with Mr Right and are happy and content with your amazing life, it will feel totally natural and your old habits and patterns will feel unnatural.

Don?t worry, I?m not going to try and get you to overhaul your personality, ignore your instincts, or morph into a whole new woman.

None of this is going to humiliate you, or make your toes curl up in horror. And you?re still the one in charge of what happens.

I?m merely asking you to be your BEST self, and to follow me on a path of self learning, and discovery about men and how to have men craving more of you!?

Here are the details of what is inside:

  Find out what men really want from a relationship and discover the biggest mistakes that women make that will make him lose interest. (He?ll know you?re one in a million when you don?t make these common mistakes)
  Know the real reasons why men cheat. We assure you that once you know the truth behind infidelity, you'll quickly stamp out cheating in YOUR relationship.
  How to communicate with men? without coming across as needy or insecure. (As a result he?ll do whatever he can to understand your feelings, you?ll wish you communicated like this years earlier!)
  The 3 indispensable secrets of how to talk about commitment with a man (Unfortunately many women don?t discover this until it?s too late).
  Discover four essential tips you CAN'T do without if you want to keep your relationship afloat in the years to come. (Skip any one of these and you?ll risk ending up alone)
  Do you have issues with shyness or lack of self confidence? This can play a critical role in not only your attractiveness to men, but the long term future of how your relationship turns out. Discover proven secrets to becoming self confident from the inside self.
  Find out the one thing that you must do that will increase your chances of success with the right man.
  How to stop worrying. As a survival mechanism, worrying can be very helpful and indeed can prevent some problems from arising, but it?s only helpful when you can control it. When you follow my secrets for gaining control of your mind you will have more energy, vitality and attractiveness!
  7 practical and powerful secrets to making him want to commit to you. Some of these may surprise you, but you NEED to apply these secrets to maximize your chances of being in a happy and committed relationship.
  The 3 deadliest myths about dating, things you MUST clear out of your head before you hit the playground. (Belief in any of these commonly believed myths and you are handicapping yourself in relationships with men from day 1).
  How to take control of your problems using a revealing ?responsibility blueprint? test!
  The absolute worst mistakes that women make on first dates with men that leads them to kiss goodbye to a second date. You may be making these mistakes yourself, many women do, and you?ll kick yourself when you read about them here. (At least you?ll know from now on and will separate yourself from other women in a man?s mind when you don?t make them).
  When is it ok to have sex with a man? There are many so called rules that are commonly in circulation. Find out the truth behind them so you aren?t stressed and so you can make the right decision at the right time for you.
  The personality characteristic that is irresistible to men , every woman has this, yet many hide or don?t show it. (Learn to bring this out in your everyday interactions with men and you?ll be seen as a great catch for the long term)

And that's not all!

I've left no stone unturned to maximize your chances of attracting your ideal man for a long term exciting and loving relationship by covering everything that you NEED to know.

Here's what else you're going to learn...

  Find out about the five biggest turn-offs most women unwittingly commit and use my ACTIONABLE ATTRACTION CHALLENGES to fix them!
  Why ________ will ignite the spark of attraction and how to do it in a way that turns him on and leaves him always wanting more of you!
  Our book has a hefty serving of experts' opinions and the author's own experiences that come together to provide you with a wealth of knowledge that will pave the way to an assertive, confident, happier, and ultimately, more attractive YOU.
  Discover the 5 deadly obstacles to attracting and keeping your ideal man. (Hint: One of them is neediness, and you?ll learn how to cure it and you?ll find out what the other 4 obstacles are inside this intriguing chapter)
  Have your eyes opened to the three most destructive, dogmatic, and self-defeating myths that you have to know about NOW. You'll read about the greatest ways to avoid self-sabotage and take control of not just your love life, but your whole life as well.
  Discover the common trait that most women possess, yet it is so damaging to your attractiveness, and your love life and what happens in it.
  Step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself with what life has to offer! Using the highly effective yet simple Rule of Three, we'll show you the way to become attractive to the opposite sex.
  Indulge in an eye-opening exercise to refine your criteria on what you TRULY seek in a man.
  Throw out the blame and self-pity! Read about the best way to clarify your perception on reality, and how it actually affects your attractiveness!
  Why you should NEVER stop ___________. There?s no need to obsess, but make a consistent effort ? and you?ll reap great rewards with the man in your life.
  Stop hesitation and self-doubting dead in their tracks! Discover the key to knowing the real you, and taking the steps to self-improvement.
  With our help, you'll learn the secret to self-contentment and putting your mind at ease from the worries that are hounding you.
  End the crippling and needless self-loathing! We have the most effective method to break free from the inner critic that's holding you back not only from being attractive, but from your personal best as well.
  Learn the secret to attract success and security in your life!
  Clingy is definitely unattractive ? know the details of how NOT to make your man the center of your life and enrich it instead!
  Find out why nothing says 'sexy' better than being financially independent. We'll even show you the secrets to being in control of your money!
  Blast the myths of beauty into oblivion! Discover the five ways to being beautiful in the real world.
  Don't drive your man away by committing the one sure way to kill his attraction in you. Learn about it now before it's too late!
  How to jump start your social life and get on the fast track to meeting your ideal man!
  Find out the mystery to being mysterious, but without the mind games and deceit! Once you've mastered the art of tasteful discretion, you'll leave your man wanting for more!
  You absolutely must _________ right now. (TIP: Men are looking for a woman who __________. Don?t sabotage your chances by not doing this! See page 189 to fill in the blanks)
  Understand the true value of putting value on yourself. Reap the benefits of applying this knowledge to have only the best men pursue you!
  Come to grips with the reality of sex in the context of dating. We'll show you simple but down-to-earth guidelines on when is it the right time to turn up the notch on physical intimacy.
  Discover the real secrets to making you attractive INSIDE-OUT. Once you've made use of your newfound knowledge, finding a man will be the most natural of consequences!
  Know the dangers of procrastination before they keeps you from being at your best!
  Get your guy by discovering the dynamics of dating!
  How to avoid ruining what could have been a great romance!
  Discover the best way to tune in to your inner voice and unlearn the false beliefs that may be clouding your better judgment.
  We'll show you how to take pride in what you have without putting other women down (a major turn-off!).
  Starve your inner critic - shut out that creeping voice in the back of your mind! Learn the steps to put yourself in a more practical yet objective light.
  A must-read list of things to consider before getting under the sheets with your newfound partner.
  Men and women may define commitment in very different terms, but you'll learn THREE important secrets to getting around this language barrier! Our proven techniques will allow you to discuss this sticky topic without having him run for the hills!
  Discover the four basic stages in a relationship that you must know (and go through) to cement a healthy partnership with your man.
  Once you know the seven essentials to make a man commit to you, he'll stay faithful to you out of his own accord!
  Find out about the FOUR critical things men look for in a relationship!
  Learn the eight highly effective yet mind-blowingly simple secrets to keep a simple disagreement from turning into an ugly, mud-slinging affair.
  Be amazed with the five sure-fire ways GUARANTEED to ensure a smooth relationship and prevent potential trouble with your mate!
  Discover the four best ways to make sure your man doesn't wander off into another woman's arms!

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Success Story: Kudzy M.
"Meet Your Sweet saved my relationship!"

"Hi Mirabelle,

My name is Kudzy. In November of 2008 I emailed my best friend to tell her I was having problems with my boyfriend and how I didn't know if I could handle it. She tried to make me feel better and made me believe things would work out, and that it was just a passing phase, but I was convinced this was the end.

kudzyLater in the day as I was about to leave the office she forwarded me your newsletters, which I then signed up to.

My biggest benefit from your letters has been finding out that my personality and conduct also matter and are a big deal with my man and not just sex. I used to think if our sex life was great there was no need to be my best all the time and I know now that I was wrong.

Meet Your Sweet saved my relationship. I've learnt to give my man the space he deserves and to have respect for myself. Now my boyfriend knows that he cannot ask me out on a date impromptu because I will have made plans of my own, he knows that he cannot come to my house after 9pm and just try to have sex. He has changed because I have changed thanks to meet your sweet. As the lessons keep coming in my relationship keeps improving.

Meet your sweet is the best website on love that I have come across. It tackles issues head on and Mirabelle gives such practical advice which makes life and love a good thing to have. Thanks once again Ms. Summers and your team, you are the best!!!"

- Kudzy M.
Johannesburg, South Africa

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It?s not easy to figure out what guys are thinking. Sometimes, the problem is that men and women just seem to think differently ? other times, the problem is that we?re thinking the same thing, but communicating it differently.

Nowhere does this issue come to the fore more often than in relation to ?commitment?.

To create this special report, has performed an anonymous survey of over 400 of its male readers - ranging in age from 17 through to over 70 (with the majority falling between 25-55) - on their beliefs, fears, wants, and needs.

Straight from the horse?s mouth, you?ll learn answers to questions like

You?ll also get access to verbatim replies to our survey from real, live men, as well as hard statistical data and illustrative graphs, on questions such as:

All the answers to all your most urgent questions about men and commitment ? how they think about it, when they want it, and what they?re really looking for in a woman ? are right here, and they?re straight from the source.


Super Bonus #2: Goodbye, Shy

Shyness with men is one of the biggest complaints for single women today. Many women feel that, no matter how confident they ?normally? are, that confidence just falls to bits around an attractive man.

How can you overcome your shyness and allow your authentic, natural, vibrantly irresistible self to shine through?

Here, you?ll discover the five most powerful techniques to shift those feelings of shyness away. The result? You?ll rekindle your relationship with the real you: the woman who is confident, calm, and charismatic around the men you?re attracted to.

This Special Report will help you to get in touch with the truth, which is that you are a wonderful, unique, and intensely desirable woman who has a great relationship right at her very fingertips. If you want to know how to kick that crippling shyness out of your life, and have the attraction and relationships you desire effortlessly materialize in your life, know that that?s exactly what you?ll discover right here.


Super Bonus #3: How to Control Your Emotions Around Men

How many times have you unknowingly sabotaged a potentially great relationship with a man, simply because you were ambushed by your emotions?

This is something that many women struggle with. They long to be cool, calm, and collected around the men they desire; they would love to be able to ?take a step back? and just let the relationship gather momentum without getting nervous, anxious, or worrying about ?where this is going?.

But sooner or later ? whether that?s on a date or in the relationship itself ? their fearfulness, their nerves, and their need to know how he?s feeling gets away with them and they end up driving him further away.

If you want to know which emotional behaviors will turn men off and drive them away ? to learn a simple, yet mind-blowingly effective 3-step technique for instantly eradicating any unattractive dating behavior ? and to learn how to talk honestly and authentically about your real emotions in a relationship, whenever it suits you to do so, in a way that he will understand and value ?

? then this Special Report by Mirabelle Summers is for you. You?ll learn how to avoid falling into those common ?emotional hazard zones? with men, while remaining 100% honest about how you feel ? and while increasing his attraction and desire for you.


Super Bonus #4: 5 Mistakes Not to Make After a Breakup

 Breakups suck. Especially if you?re the one being broken up with.

But here?s a fact: you cannot erase a breakup. No matter how painful it was, no matter what ugly things were said, it won?t all vanish into thin air the moment you get back together.

That?s why it?s so important that you learn how to deal with a breakup responsibly and gracefully, in a way that minimizes stress, grief, and pain, and that maximizes your chances for coming out of this with what you want ? whether that?s to get back together, or to move on to a new future.

In this Special Report, Amy Waterman explains 5 major breakup mistakes that will jeopardize ? if not outright end ? any possibility of getting back together with your ex. She discusses each one in detail and supplies you with examples and practical tips on how to deal with a breakup appropriately if you want any chance of him missing you, and wanting you back.


Super Bonus #5: Dating Innovations

 An audio interview with Amy Waterman and Mirabelle Summers covering the gamut of how to solve your frustrations with men, and unleash your authentic attractiveness.

This interview is in the format of a teleseminar: readers have written in with specific, real-life questions. Listen as Amy and Mirabelle solve each puzzle in turn, answering questions like:

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Thank you so much for your time.

If you apply the methods in my book and listen to the advice in the bonuses, then I have no doubt that this will give you the maximum possible chance of finding and attracting the man of your dreams! And you'll become a better, more fulfilled person in the process.

I can't wait to hear your success story and hope that you'll tell others about my course after you experience profound results!

Your friend,

Mirabelle Summers

mirabelle summers

Get A Guy Guide

P.S. In my experience, very few people choose to take action on something when they don't act on it right away. With that in mind, if you don't take action right now, will you be in the relationship of your dreams 6 months from now? A year? Will you truly grow from this experience, or will it haunt you in the future?

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P.P.P.S. Don't forget you get to access "Get A Guy Guide" in as little as 5 minutes from now AND you can cancel within 60 days of purchase if you aren't satisfied. I've made it easy for you by taking all the risk myself because I believe in my course and the value that it'll give you.

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