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According to the 2001 Asthma and Allergy Report, the first immunodeficiency syndrome was identified in 1952. Since that time 95 more have been identified with new conditions being discovered every day. The report also states that increased use of antibiotics in infancy is contributing to increased risks of allergies. What is interesting to me is in the 1950's antibiotics came into wide spread general use in medicine. Do you see a correlation here?

The most common prescription for antibiotics is for upper respiratory infections, but according to Dr. Carol Kauffman, "most of these infections are caused by a fungus". So they do not require an antibiotic as treatment, yet doctors continue to prescribe them. This, over time, will alter the balance in stomach bacteria allowing the yeast to overgrow, and the result is candida, or worse. And by using colloidal silver as a mineral supplement it will solve this problem.

Doctors plead ignorance when their patients develop allergies, intestinal disorders, etc, not even realizing that the very drugs they prescribed are the cause of a yeast infection and these other fungal diseases. Over time, your good stomach bacteria become overwhelmed by yeast as it kills even more of your good bacteria. Candida or fungal disease is the result. By using colloidal silver as a mineral supplement for treating yeast infection it will not affect natural flora. Colloidal Silver safely kills over 650 disease-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and molds, has no negative side-effects (the body requires silver for tissue regeneration and promotes the replacement of specialized cells) and is absolutely safe for human consumption.

Click Here to Yeast Infection No More -

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