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Instead of reaching for a costly over the counter medication; why not use a natural remedy for yeast infection instead? Most women would love to know if there was a natural yeast infection cure, and there are some natural remedies for a yeast infection. The first one is dietary natural cure for yeast infection - for example Cranberry pills, which can be found at natural food stores, can be taken throughout the duration of a yeast infection as a supplement. Among the most effective natural treatments for yeast infection is the use of probiotics, or what is commonly called friendly bacteria or beneficial bacteria. Acidophilus is an ideal natural cure for yeast infection, as it is a natural probiotic. The advantage of a natural approach to fighting yeast infection, is it allows control over the yeast permanently and puts your immune system back on track. If you are in any way uncertain, consult a health care provider to modify your diet and/or treat this condition directly with an effective, all natural yeast infection control product.

Who Doesn't Want a Natural Remedy for a Yeast Infection?

Whether it's a dislike for man-made chemicals or just plain embarrassment, many women seek a natural remedy for a yeast infection. One well known home remedy for yeast infection is the regular use of curds or yogurt. This home remedy for a yeast infection combats the fungus (yeast) that is responsible for the infection. Curds and yogurt are foods identified to be the most effective home remedy for yeast infection. Some believe that the best way to use yogurt as a natural remedy for yeast infection is by inserting plain yogurt into the vaginal area. Taking a tampon dipped in yogurt and inserting it in the vagina, twice a day, is one of the most recommended home remedy for yeast infection.

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