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Before Describing Taylor Lautner's Workout, Here is a Quick Bio...

Taylor Lautner was born on February 12, 1992. So was 17 at the time Twilight New Moon was filmed. From the age of 6 to 13 was accomplished in martial arts. At the age of 12 he won the Junior World Championships as a black belt in karate. Lautner began his acting career in 2001, and by 2008 played Jacob Black the native american character in Twilight.

The Director Considered Casting Someone Else to Play Jacob Black in New Moon

The Director of New Moon, Catherine Hardwicke, considered casting someone else to replace Taylor Lautner. She wanted someone with more muscle and more believable to play Jacob Black. You see, Jacob turns into a werewolf in this movie and she wanted someone with a stronger physical presence than Taylor Lautner.

Taylor Had to Gain Muscle Quickly or Possibly Lose His Role in New Moon

Luckily Taylor had the stong martial arts background which aided him in getting this ripped look. If this was just a 17 year-old with a less athletic background, there is no way he would have been able to display the same degree of muscle tone in such a short period of time.

The Secret to Jacob Black's Six Pack Abs

Taylor Lautner's abs were not just a result of the 9 months of training leading up to the shooting of New Moon. His years of martial arts training created muscle density and muscle maturity normally not seen until someone reaches their mid-20's. People who compete in martial arts derive power from tightening their core...this tightening over time builds hard and defined muscles in the abs. The way to reveal the abs is dieitng down to a low body fat percentage, but the reason Taylor Lautner had an excpetional six pack was due to his martial arts experience.

The Gaining Muscle Part for Taylor Was Easy

Taylor quickly put on 20 pounds of mass due to his age. The thing that fitness magazines never tell you is that you are easily able to gain mass when you first workout. The amount of muscle Taylor put on his body was the natural amount of muscle he was suppose to have. He isn't big by any stretch of the imagination, which is good. Like just about any young guy I've worked with, Taylor was able to quickly fill in and get close to his genetic potential quickly. He did it in 9 months, since he had so much time he could devote to this...this typically takes 12-24 months for most guys.

When Interviewed About How He Got in Shape for New Moon...

If you see any of Taylor Lautner's interviews, you will notice he is pretty vague about his workouts...he says things like "I worked out a lot and ate a lot". Honestly, this is all it takes for a young guy in his late teens to early 20's to gain those 15-25 pounds. The trick is to then get lean and ripped. This is where I come in and help men and women get that lean "Hollywood" look...

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