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Are Toning Balls Necessary At All to Get a Good Workout At Home?

I have been training for close to 20 years and run one of the busiest fitness blogs on the Internet.

One of the many questions I get if are...

Is "Product X" Worth the Money -or- "Product Y"?

The most recent product I have seen pop up is the "Toning Ball"

1. These look like croquette balls but are slightly larger

2. The toning balls are soft

3. They are inflatable

4. They provide "light resistance"

Selling point on the "Toning Balls"? Smaller and more convenient than medicine balls.

In fact, these are just medicine balls marketed in a different way. What happens often times is that things get "slightly changed" and marketed to look new.

No doubt, "Toning Balls" are marketed to women...

The term toning is certainly a buying term that women are often drawn to. For men the term get ripped is used.

Here is the biggest flaw in something like a toning ball

*** The resistance of 1-10 pounds is not going to make a big difference in muscle tone ***

Even with a beginner, that low of resistance isn't going to get the job done. Even if someone wants to get toned, they need to use more resistance than that.

In fact, the biggest reason that women fail to achieve the results they get is

1) Lack of Resistance

2) Lack of Intensity

3) Poor Diet

The high-rep low resistance workout simply isn't going to challenge the body in a way that will produce major changes. I don't want to slam the toning ball, but it is an inferior way to get toned.

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