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  • Control Center
     The control center allows you to easily locate and utilitize all of the available features in XP Repair Pro.

  • System and Registry Repair
     Easily repair almost any software error that exists on your Windows computer.


  • Registry Defragmentation
     Vastly improve registry performance and protect your hard disk from wear and tear.

  • Startup Program Manager
     The Startup Manager makes taking control of startup applications extremely easy.

  • Registry Editor
     The Registry Editor adds functionality and usefullness to the Windows Registry.

  • Disk Space Cleanup
     The Disk Cleanup utility finds old and unneeded files to remove to gain valuable disk space back.

  • PC Information and Task/Resource Monitoring
     View vital information about Windows and other areas of your PC.



  • Recovery Center
     The Recovery Center allows you to quickly and safely reverse any changes made to your system.

  • Secure Internet (VPN Portal)
     Securely and anonymously use the internet without the fear of revealing your identity and protecting you from potentially malicious people.

  • Program Settings
     Personalize your experience with XP Repair Pro by choosing the settings you want.

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