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Jay Peters
Marketing Director
Consumer Publishing Group

RE:  Free Credit Reports and Videos


Dear Friend,

It's a jungle out there and your creditors, the credit bureaus and collections agencies are looking forward to EATING YOU ALIVE!  Let's face it...  After all, we both know it.  You're worth MORE MONEY to them with BAD credit than with good.  But it doesn't have to be this way (unless you're NOT willing to do something about it).  Here's why?K

Over the last 14 years we've made our living showing ordinary folks like you how to "Beat the System" legally and ethically.  You see, credit is like anything else in life; if you don??t know what you're doing you're most likely going to get C-R-E-A-M-E-D.  However, learn a few basics and fundamentals and they'll be worth a small fortune over your lifetime.  What do I mean?

It's simple.  The world is full of LEGAL loopholes, angles and strategies.  Those who know them (or learn them) are awarded the privilege of G-L-I-D-I-N-G through life, while those who don't are constantly HUNG UP, CAUGHT UP and eventually CHEWED UP and SPIT OUT by the system.  Why?  Because it was designed this way...  You see, most Americans today are greedy self centered bastards (sorry to be so blunt) who care about no one but themselves.  Even worse, they don't care about others (like you and me) and will do anything they can to make a buck off others to further their agenda (even if it means taking advantage of them).  What's the point?

The point is this: with the right information you can quickly learn the legal loopholes and strategies to not fall prey to their schemes and I'm not going to charge your one dime to prove it.  Listen.  If you don't fill out the form below I'm not out a dime It's you whose losing over $150 in free credit reports and videos.  I'm just trying to "make the case" that information, THE RIGHT INFORMATION (once learned) can PROFIT you handsomely for the rest of your entire life (and your children's lives!).  Will you let us send you just on free report and video each week?  You'll learn great info like:

  1. 40,319 Americans Will Have Their Identity Stolen TODAY (follow these 3 simple steps so you WON??T be one of them!)
  2. Three Reasons You Should Never Own A Debit Card (and why your banker will never tell you any of them!)
  3. Five Secrets Every Married Person Should Know BEFORE Signing Any Credit Application (If you??re going to get married watch out!)
  4. The TRUTH About Creating an Alternate Credit File (Credit Privacy or Credit Protection Number ?V C.P.N. LOL!)
  5. Four Reasons Why Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Affects Your Credit LESS Than You Think (And why some lenders will actually target you as a result!)
  6. Five Facts You Should Know BEFORE Using A Credit Repair Company (and why using the wrong one could be dangerous to your wealth creation!)
  7. And Much, Much MORE!

Don't worry.  Unlike those other guys we DON'T email you everyday.  Instead you'll receive just one great credit report and video each week.  It's that simple (and fair).  If you like what you receive for free then feel free to share it with friends or even buy something from us.  It's your choice and you're in control.  We've been here for over 14 years and have built our business by helping people like you.  All you have to do is take the first step...  and fortunately it's an easy (and free) one.  Just fill out the form below, confirm your email address and you'll be on your way.


Jay Peters
Marketing Director
Consumer Publishing Group


PLEASE NOTE: This offer is subject to change without notice at any time.


Credit Secrets Bible

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